The New ROK Vision App Brings Singer Maisy Kay To Life

This Technology Also Promotes John Paul DeJoria's Documentary and a Soon to be Released "Movies on Your Money" App

Los Angeles and New York City (May 29, 2018) – All you need is the ROK Vision App and a dollar bill to listen to Maisy Kay. Fans of Maisy Kay, a talented pop/new age musician, singer, song writer and actor, can check out her music, videos and stories with a new app and a dollar bill – or a host of other global currencies. The Maisy Kay Disguises Album App, available for Apple or Android devices, uses augmented reality from ROK Vision to bring new connections with fans.

Users simply install the app, then take any form of global currency such as a dollar bill in the U.S., point their device camera at an image and receive on-demand, instant playback of music, video and animation previously scanned into the ROK Vision technology. Check out the how-to video for the Maisy Kay Disguises App here.

ROK Vision provides a way to engage an audience with a new level of interactivity by creating dynamic, media-rich projects and campaigns that connect a message with a variety of audiences. ROK Vision brings content to life with its unique augmented reality technology.

"We've added a brilliant new way to experience music – or movies or any digital content – through a mobile platform," notes Jonathan Kendrick. "Download the app, aim and frame the image, and enjoy. Books, magazines, T-shirts, posters or anything you like as long as it has a clear, unique image the content can come to life in your hand."

Along with the Maisy Kay Disguises Album, the application is used in ROK Vision co-founder John Paul DeJoria's app Good Fortune movie trailer, which is also currently available for Apple or Android devices. Download the Good Fortune App for Apple from iTunes or Android from the Play store.


ROK Vision is constantly innovating! Coming soon to the money in your wallet is "Movies on Your Money." The new Movies on Your Money App is a way to take your entertainment with you everywhere. No matter whether you're traveling on a train, plane, or self-driving car, Movies on Your Money supplies you with animated movies, classic short films and movies so you will always have something to watch. Just download the app, scan any currency note or airline logo and pay a fifty-cent fee to gain access to content. The content is switched out monthly, so there will always be something new to watch.

According to IDC, one billion users of augmented reality are expected by 2020 and that number will continue to grow. By 2021, the combined market size of augmented and virtual reality is expected to reach $215 billion. With tech giants helping developers secure the right tools, new software will rise dramatically.

All of this data means that ROK Vision is positioned to change the way digital content is consumed. It is a game changer in music, gaming, ticket buying and numerous industries because it allows businesses to monetize their products to the full extent while removing the need for a middle man.

About ROK Vision

ROK Vision is a new interactive content technology for providing on-demand digital content through the simple scanning of re-defined visual targets. You can use books, magazines, posters, anything you like - as long as it's a clear and unique image. Users simply install the app, aim + frame an image and get instant playback of music and audio, video and animation. Engage with your audience on a new level of interactivity, create dynamic, media-rich projects and campaigns that connect your message with your people.


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